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Gossamer Wings

The Bespoke Fragrance Experience: custom Designed Fragrances

Fragrance Design for Weddings

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a custom designed cologne or perfume to wear on your wedding day? Your fiancé might like one too! The “Create Your Own” method of fragrance design is perfect for a shared experience. 

Memory and the sense of smell are closely linked together. Every time you use your Wedding Day Eau de Parfum, it will trigger memories of the fun you had at your wedding!

For The Fiancés

Share the experience of a custom designed fragrance with your intended.  Make an appointment to meet with me at my perfume studio, just the two of you. Explore your fragrance personalities together. It’s a lot of fun! And don’t forget your phones! We’ll take tons of pictures!
Click here to see what the Bespoke Experience is all about.  And click here for the Perfume Blending Bar.
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For the Bridal Party

The Perfume Blending Bar is perfect for a shared experience of a custom designed fragrance with your attendants or parents.  This would be a wonderful shared memory for everyone!  I can accommodate up to 10 people.

I have composed 20 elegantly simple fragrances which are designed to be blended or stacked with the others to create a complex eau de parfum that is uniquely yours.  From these 20 fragrances there are 1140 different combinations practically guaranteeing that no one else will have the same fragrance!

The Blending Bar Signature Scent process takes place in my studio on the south side of La Crosse.  While you are here, you will get a crash course in perfumery and learn all about base notes and top notes and fragrance families.  And then the fun begins. You will sample 20 wonderful fragrances and experiment with them to create a wonderful combination to call your own. When you have settled on a formula, it’s time to pick out a bottle and cap color. AND you get to choose a name for your perfume! The result will be a 15ml custom designed, custom labeled perfume that is all your own!  Of course bigger sizes and bottle styles are available.

It’s your day. Let it be uniquely yours!
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