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Gossamer Wings

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Mmm! Vanilla and Bergamot Eau de Parfum


(Mostly top & middle notes.)
This wonderfully herbal lavender and sage fragrance, is clean, green and relaxing. Top notes are Sri Lankan Lavender, White Thyme, Moroccan Rosemary, Organic Indian Basil and Indian Peppermint. Mid notes are French Clary Sage and Angelica with a base note of Chinese Anise.

Airy Lavender, Sage & Anise can be worn as a stand alone parfum or combine it with another fragrance to give it a more natural and yoga aspect.

bottle of vanilla bergamot eau de parfum

Mmm! Vanilla & Bergamot

(Mid and base notes.)
This yummy fragrance opens with top notes of Lavender and Bergamot. Jasmine is the middle note well Tonka Bean, Myrrh essential oil and Vanilla form the base notes.

Vanilla and Bergamot can be worn as a standalone fragrance or combined with a spicy perfume. Men like it combined with a citrus fragrance.

Stackable Fragrances

The Stackable Fragrances are a collection of about 20 fragrances that can be matched with each other to create a unique and more complex scent. These are elegantly simple fragrances that I’ve designed for this purpose. They can be stacked, meaning, laid down on the skin next to or on top of each other. They can be blended with a finger or kept apart allowing for continued exploration of their nuances.

Each one is awesome all by itself. But the combination of two or more allows for your own creativity to become part of the experience of smell. Combining fragrance in proportions you find interesting results in a unique eau de parfum that is yours alone. Scent stacking and layering takes fragrance to a whole new level. It enables you to fully appreciate each component of the entire fragrance spectrum.

And surprise! They don’t have to go all in one place! There’s no reason why you can’t wear different scents in different places! Just spray one here and spray another one there! Heck! Spray one behind your left ear, another behind the right ear and you can smell in stereo! The future is wide open.

To learn more about that top, middle and base note business,
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