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The Bespoke Fragrance Experience: custom Designed Fragrances

Perfume Academy – For The Aspiring Professional

Shelves with perfume oils and essential oils for designing perfumes

Perfume Academy For The Aspiring Professional


For the aspiring professional who wants to make perfumes with a goal toward eventually selling them, I offer the Perfume Academy – Professional on-line only course. Classes can be taught on Zoom or in person and are exclusivley one on one. You get one month of coaching, mentoring and advice to help you make your dream business a reality. More details are below. Call to make your appointment. 608.386.5998
More details are below.

Topics We Will Cover

Fragrance Concentrations
• The Differences Between Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne

What Is Inside a Perfume?
• Fragrance Carriers (eg., alcohol, oil)
• Essential Oils
• Fragrance Oils
• Chemicals

How Fragrances are Organized
• Fragrance Pyramid
• Types Of Fragrance Notes
• Fragrance Families (They really don’t have to be so complicated!)

A Glossary of Perfume Terminology
• For example, “what is “sillage” and how do you pronounce it?” 😉

Sources for Your Supplies
• Where to buy essential oils
• Where to buy fragrance oils
• Where to buy bottles
• Where to buy the tools of the trade
• Where to buy the rare and expensive essential oils

Understand Dilution
• How to calculate proper dilutions
• How to measure ingredients

Shopping List of Supplies for Your Studio and Where to Get Them
• Beakers, droppers
• Bottles, furniture and anything else

How to Set Up Your Perfume Studio
• Organize your oils so you can find them
• Label your oils
• Decorate your studio

How to Set Up a Display at a Craft Show or a Boutique

Charts, Charts and More Charts
• Charts to help you calculate oil to base ratios
• A handy chart to use every time you make a perfume
• A chart that describes EVERY fragrance oil and essential oil in my own collection. (That’s about 400!) For example, it compares which company’s version of Lily of the Valley is best and which one doesn’t even come close.
• A glossary of all the fancy terminology used in perfumery

Suggested Videos
• There are sooo many Youtube videos to watch! But too many of them are done by people who have no idea how to make a perfume.
• I’ll share with you who the big players are in perfumery videos.

Suggested Reading
• I’ll share my reading list. These aren’t books that are full of chemistry nor are they recipe books. (There are a lot of them, by the way!) These are books that are fun to read and give you insight into the world of perfumery.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier and Save Money Too
• How to heat up thick resins
• How to not waste oils
• How to “wash dishes” at the end of the day
• How to stir the perfume

How to Make a Perfume
• I’ll take you through designing a fragrance, making up drafts of the fragrance, doing the math, making a batch of the best one and putting it in a bottle with a label.

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