Gossamer Wings


Gossamer Wings

The Bespoke Fragrance Experience: custom Designed Fragrances

Eau de Parfum


6-26-23 Photos are coming soon!

Message me or call if you need anything.
Perfumes that smell like the real thing!

  • Perfect Lilac
  • Perfect Lily of the Valley
  • Perfect Tea Rose
  • Perfect Honeysuckle
  • Perfect Peony
  • Perfect Violet
  • Perfect Carnation
  • Perfect Red Rose
  • Perfect Rose Petals
  • Perfect English Tea Rose
  • Perfect Fresh Cut roses
  • Perfect rose Attar
  • Jasmine N  4
  • Lavender Fields


10ml Blue Roll-On Starlight Cap, 10ml Clear Spiral Roll-On Black Starlight Cap, 10ml Blue Metal Shell Spray, 10ml Silver Metal Shell Spray, 10ml Silver Starlight Metal Shell Spray, 15ml Elegant Black Cap, 15ml Elegant Silver Cap, 15ml Elegant Gold Cap


Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Tea Rose, Tuberose, Perfect Lilac, Perfect Lily of the Valley, Perfect Tea Rose, Perfect Honeysuckle, Perfect Peony, Perfect Violet, Perfect Carnation, Perfect Red Rose, Perfect Rose Petals, Perfect English Tea Rose, Perfect Fresh Cut roses, Perfect rose Attar, Jasmine N  4, Lavender Fields

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