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Chloe's big nose

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Chloe in the van on the way home from Florida. Age- 7 months.








Isn't she adorable? Her name is Chloe. She was born on September 1st. She's an AKC registered Yorkshire terrier. She already weighs over 8 pounds!  All Yorkie pups are born with mostly black hair which changes as they mature.  She has silver hair on her head like her dad.







She knows "shake hands", "up-up", "sit",  "lay down" and "roll over". 


The picture on the left was taken at 8 weeks. The one on the right was taken at 12 weeks.  You can really see the silver in the part in her hair. And her ears stand up now!

She loves to burrow into the piles of raked leaves. She bounces around the yard like she's part bunny rabbit. Hmm... maybe I got ripped off! She's a yorkie/bunny mix!








Shake Hands!                             Good Girl!


favorite-toy.jpg (65053 bytes)
She's holding one of her favorites toys. This was taken at 10 months. She looks so grown up now.  Her hair is so silky.
favorite-toy2.jpg (65401 bytes)

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