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Page 27:  Crystal and Pearl Illusion and Beaded Flower Girl Necklaces
Custom made crystal and pearl jewelry for your flower girl,  miniature bride and junior bridesmaid.
Flower girl necklaces are made with genuine Swarovski crystals and faux  pearls.
The perfect fit and perfect match for your wedding! 
Flower Girl Necklace #27-1
marie-white.jpg (75450 bytes)
Flower Girl Necklace #27-2
marie-500.jpg (75082 bytes) 

Marie Flower Girl Necklace $14
This is a single strand illusion flower girl necklace made with 4mm white faux pearls and clear Austrian crystals.  It is available in every color for your flower girls. This necklace is also available with all crystals or all pearls. Just choose that option in the menu below.   
 Earring suggestion: #17-8 or 17-3



Flower girl jewelry can be made for even the tiniest flower girl.

Nita Flower Girl Necklace $14
This flower girl necklace is made with 4mm amethyst Austrian crystals.  But you can order it in any color you want! .
Matching earrings #18-1 or 18-43
Flower Girl Jewelry
Flower girl jewelry can be made for even the tiniest flower girl.



Click Here to See Crystal Selection

Save $3 when you buy a flower girl necklace set.  

Free color samples

Miniature Bride Necklace #27-3
jennifer.jpg (76562 bytes)


Miniature Bride  Necklace #27-4
amy-necklace-bracelet-earrings.jpg (76182 bytes)
 Jennifer Miniature Bride Necklace $22
The Jennifer illusion wedding necklace is made with 4mm  clear Austrian crystals and gold plated rhinestone rondelles.   It will match sequins sewn on your dress. 

Detail of Jennifer wedding necklace


Matching 2 strand bracelet $19


Amy Miniature Bride Necklace $26
Click the picture for close-up.
The choker and bracelet are shown made with three strands of 4mm ivory faux pearls and clear Austrian crystals. The one pictured was made with 2/3 crystals and 1/3 pearls. But you can have any combination you like.  All three strands of the necklace are the same length.
Earrings #18-3 $12. Get $3 off when you add a bracelet or earrings to your necklace order.


Matching 3 Strand 
Miniature Bride Bracelet $18





Miniature Bride  Necklace #27-5
bethany-clear-necklace-bracelet-2.jpg (43221 bytes)
Junior Bridesmaid Necklace #27-6
kathy-necklace-earring-bracelet-set.jpg (43761 bytes)

Bethany Miniature Bride Necklace $26
This illusion necklace set is made with 4 mm clear Austrian crystals.  All three strands of the necklace are the same length making it a lovely choker style.
14" $26
15" Necklace $28


3 Strand Bracelet $18  


Kathy Junior Bridesmaids Necklace
The Kathy necklace is made with 4mm crystals separated by 4mm faux pearls. Since everything is custom made to order, every item on this site can be made to fit your flower girls.  Keep in mind that all earrings can be made as clip-ons.
Up to 14" $23
15" $24



Matching Bracelet
Up to 5" $15.00, Up to 6" $16


Earring options from top to bottom 
are #18-41, #18-36 and #3.  
Available on posts, hooks and clips.


Junior Bridesmaid Necklace #27-7
gerri.jpg (19848 bytes)
Junior Bridesmaid Necklace #27-8
crystal-pearl-necklace-clear-white-earrings-123.jpg (60007 bytes)


Gerri Junior Bridesmaid Necklace $29
This wedding necklace is made with 4mm faux pearls and accented with gold plated rhinestone rondelles.  It is available with or without the tear drop pendant and the pearls come in white, ivory or gray.  It can also be ordered in silver.  Pearls come in 18 different colors and will match your wedding dress perfectly.  
Price up to 14" $29
15" $30


Earring suggestion: #11

gerri-bracelet4.jpg (32735 bytes)
Matching Bracelet $20



Merry Junior Bridesmaids Necklace
Six millimeter Swarovski crystals are separated by 4mm faux pearls. This necklace can be made in any length and in any color.
Up to 14" $25
15" $26



Matching earrings #18-3 start at $12 and are available as a clip on
Add earrings and get $3 off on the set

Matching Bracelet
Up to 5" $16.00, Up to 6" $17



Flower Girl Hair Clips
Perfect for your little flower girl to wear in her hair on her way down the aisle
kids-hair-wrap.jpg (61110 bytes)
Flower Girl Necklace #27-10
flower_necklace.jpg (34998 bytes)


Set of 3 for $18
Available in ANY color
Above shown in turquoise, light pink and purple
These flower girl hair clips are made with a little butterfly clip (big enough to hold back a strand of bangs) and there are beads hanging from it. No two are alike.  Tell me the colors you like and I'll make something special.
Specify your favorite colors!



Bella Flower Girl Necklace $20
This double strand choker features flower shaped beads and 6mm Austrian crystals in pastel pink, green, blue and yellow.  Any color combination is possible. 
Up to 14" $20
15" $22.00


pastel_bracelet.jpg (34201 bytes)

Matching Bracelet
Up to 5" $16.00, Up to 6" $17



Flower Girl Necklace #27-11
heidi-flower-girl-necklace.jpg (28678 bytes)
clip-on-earrings-17-26.jpg (33004 bytes)
Earring 20-26 $12
Heidi Flower Girl Necklace $25
The Heidi necklace is made with 4mm  faux pearls and a pearl and crystal dangle to match earring #17-36. >>>
The sample shown is made with cream colored faux pearls. A rhinestone rondelle separates the beads on the dangle.
Up to 14" $23
15" $24


Add matching earrings #20-26 or #20-10 and get $3 off


Flower Girl Necklace #27-12
alexia-flower-girl-necklace.jpg (30897 bytes)
Alexia Flower Girl Necklace $14
This choker features 6mm Austrian crystals blue zircon and chocolate brown 6mm faux pearls.  Any color combination is possible. 
Up to 14" $14
15" $15
marie-necklace-ivory-lilac.jpg (19473 bytes)
The Marie necklace shown with ivory pearls and lilac crystals. This necklace can be ordered at the top of this page, Necklace #27-1


Matching 2 strand bracelet



Click here for Earrings for Flower Girls
All earrings are available in clip-ons, posts and hooks.
Price: $12
Click here for Flower Girl Earrings

Flower Girl Bracelets
Bracelets can be made to match any necklace in my website.

Flower girl jewelry can be made for even the tiniest flower girl.