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Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

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"AB" stands for Aurora Borealis. This means that the bead has a rainbow finish. It's very pretty.  Most colors are available with an AB finish even if it's not pictured!  

Austrian Crystal Color Chart  

Crystal AB
(Clear w/Rainbow Finish)
White Opal
(Translucent & bluish like skim-milk)
Light Rose
Rose Ruby
Fuchsia Siam
(True Red)
Light Siam
(Orangeish shade of Red)
Indian Red Garnet
(Deep Red, Almost Black)
Light Amethyst
Amethyst AB
(Purple w/Rainbow Finish)
Amethyst (eggplant, aubergine)  Tanzanite
(Periwinkle Purple)
Sapphire Light Sapphire
(Periwinkle Blue)
Capri Blue
(Sea Blue)
(Bluish Grey)
Montana AB
(Bluish Grey w/ Rainbow Finish)
 Blue Zircon AB
(Sea Foam Greenish Blue w/Rainbow Finish)
Blue Zircon
(Sea Foam Greenish Blue)
(Greenish Blue)
Light Azore
(Very Light Greenish Blue)
Indian Sapphire
(Lt. Bluish Grey)
(True Grass Green)
Green Tourmaline
(Olive Green)
(Lime Green)
(Mint Green)
(Pale Yellow)
Light Colorado Topaz Topaz
Smoked Topaz Smokey Quartz
Light Peach Heliotrope
(Hematite Mirrored Grey)
Black Diamond
(Iridescent Grey)





Colors can be confusing.  Here are some colors of bridesmaids and bridal dresses and their Austrian crystal equivalencies.  Be sure to click on the link for the second page of the color chart to see faux pearl colors and another Austrian crystal color chart:  

Aubergine = Amethyst, 

Burgundy, Amethyst 2ab

Aqua = Aquamarine

Baby Pink = Light Rose

Baby Blue = Light Sapphire

Black = Jet, Jet Glacier Ab, Jet Ab

Blue = Sapphire

Bronze = Smoked Topaz

Burgundy = Burgundy

Buttercup = Jonquil

Capri Pink = Light Rose, Rose

Caribbean Blue = Capri

Celedon = Peridot, Chrysolite

Celery = Peridot

Champagne = Light Topaz

Chrome = Hematite

Claret = Burgundy

Clay = Light Colorado Topaz

Copper = Topaz

Coral = Light Siam, Light Peach

Cornflower = Tanzanite

Cream = Clear, Light Peach

Dark Gold = Topaz, Smoky Topaz

Desert = Light Colorado Topaz

Dove Gray = Heliotrope

Dusty Lavender = Light Amethyst, Lilac

Dusty Blue = Light Sapphire, Indian Sapphire

Forest = Emerald 

Fuchsia = Fuchsia, 

Garnet = Garnet

Gold = Light Colorado Topaz

Gray = Black Diamond

Gunmetal = Hematite

Hematite = Hematite

Hunter = Emerald

Hyacinth = Hyacinth, Tanzanite

Ice = Light Sapphire

Ice Blue = Light Sapphire

Indigo = Amethyst

Ivory = Clear

Kiwi = Peridot, Lime

Lavender = Lilac

Lemon = Jonquil

Light Rose = Light Rose

Lime = Peridot

Lodin = Olivine

Maize = Light Colorado Topaz

Midnight = Jet Glacier Blue 2ab 

Mint = Chrysolite, Erinite

Moss = Olivine

Navy = Jet Glacier 2ab, Indian Sapphire, Montana

Olive = Olivine

Orange = Indian Red, Hyacinth

Orchid = Lilac, Tanzanite

Peridot = Peridot

Periwinkle = Light Sapphire

Pink = Rose, Light Rose, Fuchsia

Plum = Burgundy, Amethyst

Purple = Amethyst

Red = Siam, Ruby, Garnet

Redwood = Burgundy

Royal = Cobalt

Ruby = Ruby

Sage = Olivine, Tourmaline, Chrysolite

Sand = Light Colorado Topaz

Scarlet = Siam

Sea Foam = Blue Zircon

Sky = Light Sapphire

Spice = Siam

Strawberry = Rose

Sunflower = Jonquil

Sunset Gold = Topaz, Jonquil

Taupe = Black Diamond, Smoky Quartz

Tequila = Jonquil

Turquoise = Light Azore, Aquamarine, Turquoise

Victorian Lilac = Tanzanite

Violet = Amethyst, Violet, Lilac

White = Clear, White Opal

Wine = Burgundy

Yellow = Jonquil 


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