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Page 3:  Pearl Bridal Illusion Necklaces
Custom made illusion pearl bridal jewelry.
Bridal illusion necklaces are made with faux pearls, Swarovski faux pearls or fresh water pearls. The perfect fit and perfect match for your wedding!
Faux pearls and Swarovski faux pearls add luminescence to your bridal jewelry set.  Many designs feature fresh water pearls that add a touch of elegance to your formal wear. 
Faux pearls match the ones sewn on your wedding dress. 
Bridal Illusion Necklace Set #3-1
sara.jpg (79032 bytes)
Bridal Illusion Necklace #3-2
Susan500.jpg (69978 bytes)
The Sara Bridal Illusion Necklace $25
This illusion necklace is made with with clear illusion thread and 6mm white faux pearls.  The pearls are separated by  gold plated rhinestone rondelles. 
It is also available in silver plated accents and the pearls come in every color imaginable.  Earring Suggestion #16-7


The Susan Pearl Bridal Illusion Necklace $16
This 16" bridal illusion necklace is made with white faux pearls in graduated sizes of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.  The pure white pearls  match the ones sewn on your wedding gown. Also available in ivory.
Earring suggestion: #16-5



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Save $3 when you buy a bridal illusion necklace set.  

Free color samples

Pearl Bridal Jewelry #3-3
jessica-500.jpg (95615 bytes)


Pearl Bridal Jewelry #3-4
erin-2.jpg (52178 bytes)


Jessica Pearl Bridal Jewelry $25
This necklace is made of 4 mm glass based faux pearls. (The Sara shown above is made with bigger pearls.) The faux pearls match the ones sewn on wedding dresses. Between sets of pearls is a rhinestone rondelle. Click on the photo below to see close up of the pearls. Available in gold plated, or silver plated. Earring suggestion 16-11

The Erin Pearl Bridal Jewelry $36
Shown here in 4mm and 6mm ivory faux pearls. Available in any color or combination of colors. Order the necklace in your usual necklace length keeping in mind that the strands of beads hanging from it fall 6" below the necklace.
Earring Suggestion #16-5


Detail of Jessica Bridal Jewelry Click here to see illusion bridal necklace
The Erin bridal necklace close up
Pearl Bridal Jewelry #3-5
Audrey-fresh-water-pearls-wedding-necklace-6mm.jpg (25442 bytes)
Pearl Necklace with Bracelet #3-5
fresh-water-pearl-necklace-bracelet.jpg (50027 bytes)
The Audrey Fresh Water Pearl Bridal Necklace $18
The sample above is a fresh water pearl bridal necklace made with 6mm real pearls.  The fresh water pearls are only available in white.  But I also have a nice selection of top quality Swarovski pearls. The Swarovski pearls are made of leaded crystal.  They feel a bit heavier than my regular faux pearls. And they're more expensive than my other ones. So, the necklace costs a bit more.  


For matching bracelet, go to the bracelet page. 
Click here:  Wedding Bracelets

Pearl Bridal Jewelry #3-6
black-pearl-necklace-6mm.jpg (38954 bytes)
The Audrey Faux Pearl Bridal Necklace $16
The necklace above is shown with black faux pearls and costs $16.   Available in any color or combination of colors.